Solar System Size

When property owners in Baltimore Maryland are considering installing solar power, it’s important to first calculate the solar system size that their property needs and the solar system size that their property can support.

To do this their a number of different factors that are considering these include your roof size and shape the water is an efficiency on the solar system you bound to purchase whether you can take advantage of energy buyback programs and importantly the orientation of your roof.

Thankfully, when you work with a reputable solar panel and solar, this is not something you have to worry about. They have the expertise needed to accurately determine what type of solar panels you will need and to calculate the solar system size your property can support. Always talk to you install her to ensure that you get a free site evaluation and quotation.

These are the key factors that your installer will take into account when determining your solar system size

#1 They will calculate your property’s energy needs

The most important factor that’s considered when determining solar panel science is the needs of your property. To do this, they will either look at your last 12 or 24 minutes utility bills and these would calculate your annual and your average monthly needs. These were then would put into a specific program which will calculate your day by day and hour by hour consumption the system will then recommend the solar system size that you need and they will move on to the next factor.

#2 Your roofs area and shading issues

The next factor to consider will be the shoe size of roof space you have available, as well as any shading that may affect the solar paneling you install. You’re solar panel than somewhere but want to optimize the amount of energy your solar system size can produce and to do this they will calculate the level of sunlight your area trying to manually and they’ll also look at any trees chimneys structures adjacent buildings and anything else that may produce excessive shade affecting the overall efficiency of your solar system. All of this is vital in designing the solar system size and providing you with an accurate quotation.

#3 Your budget – this will determine the quality of the solar system you can afford

Depending on the solar system size that you choose, the quality of the paneling you can afford for his households in Baltimore can produce anything from 150 to 350 KW per panel. A higher grade solar paneling would be more efficient, and this will dictate the amount of solar energy you can produce per square foot. If you have an extensive budget and suitable roof space, you can work with a higher deficiency paneling which might allow you to produce all your energy needs.

#4 Other solar incentives, such as buyback programs

The ideal scenario when choosing a solar panel size is to work with an energy provider in Baltimore, MD who will offer you specific incentives such as a net energy meter (NEM), this device allows your utility company to calculate the energy produced by your solar system they will then offer you credits towards any excess energy that is are they may even buy the access energy from you at a specific price. So when you’re determining the solar system signs that you want to install your ability to produce successful energy and resell it to the energy is a key determining factor.

Solar system size – On average, how big are solar systems?

A single solar paneling system usually measures 39in by 69in. in terms of feet, this is three and a quarter by 5 1/2 ft. They designed the systems using PV cells, each of which measures on average 155 mm by 155 mm. When determining the solar system sign is you’re going to install on average households in Baltimore, MD use about 60 of these solar cells if you’ve got a larger roof space you may use up to 98 of these cells.

Solar system size – What do solar panels weigh, on average?

Another key factor to consider for everyone determining your solar system size is how much its solar panel weighs and how many solar panels you intend to install. Your roof must be capable of supporting these panels. On the designed average standard roofs to last about 30 years would have any major maintenance they designed solar systems to last about 20 years so if you are installing your solar paneling on a newer roof this is usually not a problem.

An Industry standard solar system size panel will weigh around 40 lb. newer, more lightweight solar panels can weigh as little as 30 pounds older panels used to weigh up to 50 lb.

Solar system size – We need to calculate your roofs ability to hold this additional weight

Your roof is the most important factor when determining your solar panel size. For example, on average households in Baltimore, MD installed solar systems capable of generating 6 KW solar power. To do this, we usually need to install around 20 solar panels as you mentioned previously. If an average solar panel is always 40 pounds, then your overall system will weigh 800 lb. This usually takes about 350 ft of space to safely install a standard size solar system. Well if I didn’t account for additional hardware that’s needed to be done so on average your roof will have to sustain that I just don’t wait for a 4 MI per square foot

Once again we work with reputable roofing contractors in Baltimore and will get you fully surveyed to ensure it’s capable of supporting the additional weight. Thankfully, most new roofs in Baltimore, MD are more than capable of supporting this week but this is not something we’re going to take a risk on so as part of your free site survey your roof will be fully inspected to determine that the weight of your solar system and its size is viable before you ever decide to install it in your property. if you have any questions or queries about solar power in Baltimore, MD please pick up the phone and contact our team today they’re happy to answer any of your questions.