Solar Right For You?

It is believed that solar energy is only available to wealthy homeowners. However, this deep misconception prevents many people from abandoning traditional forms of energy and switching to economically and environmentally beneficial solar energy. Solar panel prices have dropped 60% over the past few years, making them much more affordable than before. In addition, there is a 30% discount on solar panels from the state, also, one should not forget about the benefits of the state of Maryland.

If you think that Baltimore is poorly suited for solar energy, then you are also wrong. According to official statistics, Maryland receives 50% more sun per year than Germany. However, Germany remains the world leader in solar energy. Based on this, draw your own conclusions.

Benefits of solar energy in Baltimore

Baltimore is one of the major cities on the east coast of the United States. More than 3,000 solar jobs are created in this city every year. And Maryland has the 13th largest total solar energy production in the United States. It is through this surge that many of Baltimore’s residents are beginning to reap significant benefits from green energy. One of the main benefits of solar energy is the significant savings in monthly utility bills. 

Average savings on utility bills are $ 100 per month. If we take into account the cost per 1 kW of energy from a traditional grid, then we can easily assume that the payback period of an average solar home power plant will take only 5-7 years.

What about finance

Every year solar panels become more accessible to a wide range of people. This is due to the constant growth in demand, as well as the increase in industrial production of solar panels and other components. You can get federal discounts on the purchase of solar panels, as well as local incentives that will save you a significant investment.

Green energy is not only a good alternative in terms of sustainability but also reliability and economy. First of all, you will be independent of utilities, as well as from problems with sudden power outages. This will give you wide autonomy and leeway. You will no longer worry about a sudden power outage during work, study, or other activities.

Thus, solar panels will not only help you save on energy bills and make money on the green tariff but also save you from unplanned expenses for repair or replacement of equipment that could fail as a result of a sudden power outage. There are times when, as a result of a sudden power outage, a house or other room is on fire. When planning a power supply system, all the risks associated with using a traditional power source must be considered.

Here are some of the benefits of solar panels in Baltimore:

  • You can reduce your carbon footprint by over 25,000 feet a year;
  • Average savings on electricity bills will be up to $ 100 per month;
  • You can add over $ 20,000 to your home’s value.

Solar panels are a 21st-century innovation that cannot be simply ignored. But there are many factors to consider before making the important decision to move from a traditional grid to a green energy system. Here are just a few of the main benefits of using solar energy to help you make your decision.

Financial stability

As we have already said, energy prices will only rise, and their reliability is being questioned. It is solar panels that will bring you stability and financial profit. With the green tariff, you can create additional passive income. This means that you can sell surplus electricity that you do not use to the centralized network at a higher rate. That is, you can be at work while the solar panels generate electricity, which is sold to the grid, and then you get paid. The combination of factors such as government rebates and incentives for installing solar panels, using a green tariff, and saving on utility bills will result in solar panels payback within 5-7 years, and I will make you richer in the future.

It should also be noted that by investing in green solar panels, you create additional jobs in your state and city. This will certainly lead to an increase in the general welfare in your area.

Reliable investment

You don’t need the extra expense and wasted effort to maintain your solar panels. You spend money only once when buying, in the future, you will not need to carry out maintenance, for example, as in the case of a car. There are not many moving parts in a solar panel that could theoretically break. All that happens to solar panels is a partial loss of their efficiency over the years. In practice, this means partial replacement of some solar modules after 15-20 years of operation.

How solar panels can raise the value of a home

Today, many home buyers are paying attention to the availability of solar panels. It is this factor that will simplify the search for a buyer for your property, as well as increase its value. They are also easier to rent because people know they won’t have to pay for electricity, which is a huge plus for some families.

What is the impact of solar energy?

Solar energy is the most environmentally friendly type of all existing. The production of electricity is accompanied by zero CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. And also the production of solar panels themselves does not harm the environment in the environment. Thus, you help to slow down climate change, as well as minimize the risks of various climatic disasters arising from the wrong activities of mankind. On average, one solar-powered home in the United States replaces 100 large trees in a forest.

Let’s summarize

Every year the cost of utility bills will only increase, while the cost of solar panels will fall. Today, solar panels are not only environmentally friendly, but also a financially reasonable solution, and in the future, the gap between solar and conventional energy will only increase in favor of green energy.

Also, work continues on the search for new materials and components that can improve the efficiency of solar panels and batteries. Now is the best time to purchase solar panels, as there are excellent federal and Maryland discounts for purchasing home solar panels.