Benefits of Solar

What are the benefits of solar?

As people across the country consider installing solar power in their homes and business, many are still concerned about their benefits. Solar paneling and home battery systems are now more efficient, resilient, accessible, and affordable than ever before. We asked experts in the industry what they consider being the key benefits of solar.

#1 Gives home and business owners control over their electricity

Installing solar panels and a battery system provides home and business owners with some freedom from unpredictable electricity bills and reliance on utility companies. As a result, they can avoid harsh energy rates at peak times and also ensure they have a backup power supply in the event the grid goes down.

Energy independence is becoming more and more attractive, especially as the cost of electricity has risen year-on-year for the past decade: it’s now 15% more than it was 10 years ago. If you sign a solar service agreement, you can ensure you have predictable low rates that are far more competitive than anything you look at from your local electricity company.

In many areas of the country and people are turning to solar power batteries as they offer a significant barrier to peak electric rates is a time of use rate. Local energy companies up these rates to their advantage, as was clearly shown in Texas. These vary from time of the year to time of the day electrical use is more expensive during peak times and less during times of low demand if you have a fully rechargeable home battery and solar system you don’t have to worry about these times of use rates.

You’re a home solar system and also provide you with peace of mind in the event of a blackout. As power outages across the US become more common and extreme weather events seem to be an annual occurrence, our aging power grid is struggling to cope. Installing solar power today where I move the inconvenience of having to have a diesel-powered or gas generator is worse than no power at all.

#2 A renewable and clean energy source

Home generated solar power is its renewable energy source being both emissions-free and clean. Why would you sign your dependency on fossil fuels such as natural gas or coal: your home solar system doesn’t produce greenhouse gases or other harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide, all of which end up in our water and air supply?

By installing a solar energy source in your home will help decrease air pollution, and in the next few years, they expect solar energy to save 25,000 lives in New York alone and prevent nearly 200 billion in environmental and health costs. Every home in America that switches to renewable solar paneling can reduce our country’s dependency on coal by up to $5,000 dramatically reducing carbon emissions.

As yet solar is still in its infancy and we’ve yet to realize its full potential, for example, if we could capture the solar energy provided to our planet in just one hour we could power the entire world for a year. If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint by eliminating emissions, this is an excellent renewable energy technology that’s only got a bright and clean future.

#3. Boost your property value

Research has shown that homes that have solar and battery systems installed are more valuable than those that do not. On average, a solar system will increase the value of your property by up to 4.1%.

These figures vary from property to property and installation we estimate to installation an average increase in resale value between $4,000 and $6,000 for every kilowatt of power your solar panels can generate. When factoring in the cost of installing solar, it’s offset by the automatic increase in your property’s value? So not only will you be taking advantage of healthy tax incentives lower energy bills and helping the environment your solar paneling and batteries increase the value of your home.

Another factor to consider is that research shows that homes that have solar paneling installed sell much faster than residents that do not

#4. Many homeowners can take advantage of cash incentives and generous tax breaks

Homeowners in Baltimore Maryland who choose to install batteries in solar paneling through third parties can benefit from significantly low monthly rates however if you choose to buy your system outright their other benefits too


These solar renewable energy credits can help homeowners gain a significant return on their investment. States require companies to provide electricity from renewable portfolio standards and renewable sources like home solar. These are all subsidized.

Using Net Metering

If your solar system excess electricity you can send it back to the grid and a local electricity company many consumers benefit from selling Access energy as they can offset it against their electricity bills

ITC (Federal Investment Tax Credit)

most homeowners can benefit from federal tax credits when they choose to install home solar systems, this can reduce the overall cost to installation by hanging up to 22% and this will also include the cost of your initial solar battery purchase

Cash rebates and state credits

besides being able to take advantage of federal tax credits, many cities and states are now offering cash rebates and other tax credits for anyone who installed the solar system

PBIs (Performance-Based Incentives)

States and different electricity companies are also offering PBIs offer home and business owners credit for the electricity your systems would use. Rate are predetermined and instead of you having to pay upfront it’s paid off over the length of your system’s lifetime.

Exempt from tax

the location you may also take advantage of specific sales or property tax exemptions when purchasing solar system your property value may increase by 15% but specific property tax exemptions could offset this

#5 Solar installation costs are lower than ever

if the first four incentives for installing solar power in your home run enough, the actual cost of solar systems have dropped by up to 70% in the last 10 years, this includes the cost of solar batteries and continues to drop substantially Having said all this out-of-pocket expenses me was to prove expensive, so most people are silent solar panel agreements that can make solar energy far more affordable and accessible I can run for up to 25 years ensuring you can both protect yourself and your family and your community from pollution while enjoying a teen and reliable power source